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If you’re here reading this post then you probably want more customers for your own business or the business you’re building.

And rightly so.

We're all in the business of buying customers.

We know it might sound weird right now, but let that sink in and think about it.

Whatever we do in terms of branding, marketing and advertising, we spend money so that we can get more customers.

We work with clients from across the world on a daily basis and everyone has the same challenge.

Getting clients in a predictable, scalable and cost effective manner.

Thing is…

It’s not so hard if you know the core concepts of human psychology/behavior and you have a good marketing plan to tap into human psychology.

Most importantly, you need an amazing offer.

An offer your clients cannot refuse. (We’ll elaborate on this in another post)

But at the end of the day, all good marketing relies on this simple formula


➡ Attention - Get your buyers’ attention

➡ Interest - Get them interested

➡ Desire - Get them to desire your product

➡ Action - Get them to take action… in other words, get them to buy.

Whether you’re writing an Ad, Sales letter, email copy, Landing page or an article you should have all these components in place.

Here’s an Example Facebook Ads Copy.

Hey Busy Business Builders
(Attention Grabber)

Do you want to learn how to write kicka$$ copy?
(Get Interest)

I have put together a quick tutorial teaching you how to write copy which gets your customers lined up, begging you to give you their credit card details in order to grab your offer.

(Piques interest & Creates desire)

Want it?
(Creates desire)

Click >> HERE <<

This ad is pretty simple as you can see but it does the job.

We’ve tested long form Ads, video ads, short form Ads, native ads and spent 100s of thousands of dollars testing different ads trying to understand what works and what doesn’t.

What we’ve found is that it always comes back to the basics.

You need to look at your demographics, understand their situation, their context, what keeps them awake at night and align your offer based on that.

There is no secret.

No magic bullet. We know that because we spent years looking for it 🙂

As we said, you can you apply the AIDA principle to almost any marketing material or channel.

Go ahead and test it!

Hope that was helpful.

PS: We help customers across the world get more leads, more sales and more market share. If you need help, head over here: see how we can help you.


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